Key Issues

Greenville is at crossroads. While enjoying the fruits of strong planning and visionary leadership, Greenville must not rest of its laurels. We must have the courage to plan to continue our growth deliberately and intentionally, and  be smart about planning for our future to continue to thrive.

The platform for my campaign focuses on smart growth, affordable housing, and multi-modal transportation options.

Smart, Intentional and Sustainable Growth. We need to manage the growth of Greenville in a deliberate and intentional way. We could very easily fall into being just another suburb along the CharlAtlingHam corridor. Managed growth  includes an interesting and appropriate mix of retail, housing, and business. Consideration must also be given to adequate parking and infrastructure, as well as traffic management.

Affordable and Workforce Homes and Housing. Few working class people can currently afford to live within the Downtown district where they are employed in restaurants, hotels and retail businesses. Many long-time residents are being displaced as property taxes become unaffordable due to gentrification.  As more same-looking apartment complexes are constructed, our city is losing some of the charm derived from creative and varied architectural styles.

Connectivity and Transportation. Many people in Greenville find it challenging to get where they need to go because our bus system is woefully inadequate.  Historically, Greenville has not invested as much in its system of public transportation as have other communities of our size. Transportation is much more than just a vibrant bus system. In addition to improving our bus system, Greenville must also consider ways to make both our Downtown and our neighborhoods more walkable, bikeable, and connected.  To be more multi-modal, planning must be done to provide connections between alternative transportation systems (such as safe walking routes to buses and safe biking routes to buses).  As we look to the future, our goal should be to reduce the number of private automobiles on our roads.

Parks and Public Spaces. Beautiful parks and public spaces are how Greenville is different from many other communities.  The public spaces in the Downtown area are breath-taking and highly utilized.  Anyone who has spent time in Falls Park or on the GHS Swamp Rabbit Trail has seen how these public spaces bring people from every walk of life together.  Not only do Greenville’s parks create places for people in Greenville to gather, but they also create a critical sense of place.

Safe and Authentic Neighborhoods. As Greenville grows, we need to find ways to preserve the unique personalities and histories of our neighborhoods.  Simply tearing down swaths of neighborhoods and constructing generic complexes with no green spaces or gathering places can destroy the sense of community and in an area. An additional part of this is ensuring that our neighborhoods are safe.

Long-Term Plan for the Future. Over the years Greenville has been guided by visionary long-term planning. With the year 2025 just 9 years away, it is time to develop a new, useable comprehensive plan that will lead Greenville into the future.