Stall for City Council

Thank You, Greenville!

My heart is filled with gratitude for each and every person who gave tirelessly of his or her time, talent and treasure during this campaign. To everyone who volunteered more hours than I can count. To everyone who voted. Thank you, Greenville, for your support.

I am energized by the old relationships that were reconnected, and by the new friendships I formed over the last seven months as I walked Greenville. Now, the real work begins to make Greenville an even better place to live. Thank you!



Visionary Leadership for All Greenville

Why Russell?

  • History of Building Collaborations: Through Greenville Forward, I spent 10 years building relationships with the leaders and citizens of Greenville County that enabled me to build the consensus needed for change.
  • Understanding How Greenville Works: I know the dynamics of how decisions are made in the community and City Hall, and can immediately be an active member of City Council. Through 13 years with Leadership Greenville, I understand the leadership, relationships, and structure of our city government.
  • Voice for All Greenville: I will represent the people of Greenville, not special interests or non-residents. 80% of donations to my campaign have come from individuals who live in the city and can vote for me; not corporations, special interests, or people from out of town.

My Vision for Greenville

  • Manage Uncontrolled Growth: Being ranked the 4th fastest city in the entire country brings challenges. Can our infrastructure, like our aging sewer system, keep up?  Can our roads manage the traffic?  I believe our future growth needs to be intentional and support the city’s plan to create the new 10-year comprehensive plan.  New development should fit in with the scale, feel, and charm of Greenville’s unique and authentic neighborhoods.
  • Improve the Public Transportation System and Control Traffic Gridlock: Greenville’s investment in public transportation is woefully behind that of other communities of our size in our region. A robust public transportation system is a vital element for economic development and traffic reduction.  Greenville is on a path to strangulation where people cannot efficiently get in and out of Downtown and surrounding areas.  Downtown hotels and restaurants have difficulty attracting staff because employees cannot get into the city easily on a bus, and cannot afford to pay for parking if they drive.
  • Build Affordable and Workforce Housing: Research shows that Greenville is lacking 2,500 of affordable housing units, in addition to more in-town housing for Greenville’s workforce – teachers, office workers, policemen, and staff at our restaurants and hotels.

I welcome your thoughts and ideas about how we can continue to make Greenville a top community for all. I hope I can earn your vote on November 7th.